Jacques – “Love isn’t good enough” – a slickly-smooth tune!

Singer-songwriter Jacques is a Jacksonville FL native. His latest release, is the R&B ballad “Love isn’t good enough” – a song about an ending relationship that cannot be salvaged. It offers brilliant lyrics; crisp and clean soulful sounds to help any listener understand the rough patches in their relationship. Jacques has utilized his gifts and talents to the fullest here. He is a great artist and his music is timeless in this age of throwaway music.

The single cover artwork

It’s a breath freshener to listen to music that is deep and calm, even in the narrative of dejection. The song is full of passion and meaningful words. I can say that “Love isn’t good enough” will captivate you and make you want to hear more from Jacques. He is such a powerful, dynamic and soulful artist. He takes a simple melody and allows his voice to flow along with the music, making it silky smooth as he soars over the chord progressions.

Jacques has a tight, keening edge to his voice that makes it distinctive, even set off against a background of synth, piano, strings and percussion, laying down an R&B ballad groove that is equally good for making out, or for folding the laundry. “Love isn’t good enough” is a slickly-smooth tune with snazzy choruses and tasty licks all around.  Jacques snakes his vocals through the song like he’s running wire through narrow holes in the groove: precise yet flexible.

Without any fuss, Jacques simply sounds great – pushing and pulling the melody, fusing the words, and twisting his vocal sound inside and out for effect. He demonstrates musical assurance and storytelling savvy, while percolating with easy grace too. Jacques is also on radio rotation with the track “Love isn’t good enough”, which you can check out HERE.


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