Kellsey – “Butterflies” – vivid imagery, expert guitar riffs, and an aggressive rhythm section!

Drawing influences from bands such as Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Blink-182, and many more, Kellsey is an emerging rock band from Dallas, fronted by lead singer and bassist, Kelly Condy.  Picking up experience as the back-up vocalist and bassist for Georgetown band Tough on Fridays, Kelly has played legendary hotspots such as; House of Blues Main Stage, The Curtain Club in Deep Ellum, and The Mohawk in Austin.

There are artists that young kids and adults alike can listen to and enjoy. Kellsey is one of those projects. Many will enjoy how expressive they are with both the intensity of the words in their songs and the incredible musical atmosphere that goes into each tune. At least this much is evident on “Haunt Your Heart”, as well as their latest single – “Butterflies”.

Kelly Condy and Kellsey, have created an artistic vision that will obviously connect with many, considering the scarcity of emo, punk and alternative rock projects flourishing in the current musical scene. Once their new song, “Butterflies” begins, you realize Kellsey mean business. A monstrous riff is met with an aggressive drum sequence in the verse that leads into a soaring chorus that is in all honesty, catchy as hell.

The track continues to bring the aggression, while the vocal hooks sink deeper into your mind. As the tale unfolds, I’ve got to admit, I’m impressed with this song. The bridge with its haunting piano in the background and sweet-sounding mellifluous vocal delivery, is very memorable.

Continuing with the massive riffs, “Butterflies” takes the intensity up a notch with an interweaving sonic sample twist at the end of each chorus. The great groove, driving bass, raw guitar tones, relatable lyrics and an ear-warming vocal arrangement, keep the momentum steady and interesting all the way through.

There are a lot of things that conjure up familiarity within this tune. Yet, while containing a lot of familiar elements, the song, possibly because of the solid production, and slick execution, sounds totally fresh and relevant. It’s honestly a perfect balance of old and new for the genre. Kellsey also created an interesting song structure in “Butterflies”, and I’m willing to bet that this will be a tremendously fun song live.

Kelly Condy’s vocals are youthful and melodic, while simultaneously her bass playing drives the core momentum of the song. “Butterflies” is undeniably a rock record, with vivid imagery, expert guitar riffs, and an aggressive rhythm section. This is a dynamic sophomore track for the band, aptly placing their effort and passion behind their strongest aspects – namely, vocals, rhythm section, and songwriting.

Leaving space for further musical development, Kellsey explores the harder-hitting side of their repertoire, something that definitely deserves to be explored further in projects going forward. There is validity in this song, and if Kellsey can capture and bottle the essence of “Butterflies” for future releases, and live work, they can easily challenge their contemporaries, for the title at the top of the list of female-fronted alternative rock bands.



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