Vienna I – ‘Don’t Know Me’ has plenty of compelling moments

Vienna I is a 15 year old singer-songwriter and producer. She wrote and produced her latest single ‘Don’t Know Me’. “The song is about someone’s identity and it teaches not to be prejudiced against people,” explained the aspiring independent musician. The singer-songwriter may be trading in the pop hit sound for now, but she could easily dabble in soul and R&B, as her incredible vocals are a perfect fit to convey that type of passion.

Of course, all the thoughts and schemes in the world are meaningless if the songs doesn’t measure up. Don’t fear, Vienna I delivers, thanks in part to her work as a producer, as well as her songwriting skills. ‘Don’t Know Me’ is filled with sass and energy, feeling like a guaranteed crossover hit, as Vienna I infuses some resonating rap lines into the arrangement.

The project serves as an in-depth look into the aspects of life that cause grief, frustration and sadness. Vienna I uses the negative situations as lessons in finding the strength, confidence and truth needed for one to continue pushing forward, regardless of people who don’t take the trouble to understand you. The personal, thought-provoking material presents an opportunity to regain composure and focus, and tackle the future with a clean slate in the face of all adversity.

Instead of simple pop fluff, Vienna I discovers herself as a soulful and deep-thinking artist, a move that should bring her into the mainstream spotlight where she belongs. This is a young lady just being real, honest and genuine. ‘Don’t Know Me’ features gorgeous production work by the Vienna I herself.

What makes the track shine, is the stabbing piano and a mix of skittering hi-hats and modern, hip-hop oriented programming. The high pitched vocal sample used to emphasize the beat is simply a stroke of genius. Hence, it’s easy to surmise that the production, chorus, and of course Vienna I’s vocal performance are the biggest selling points here.

The bass line is robust, the keys bite, and the groove cooks. Vienna I’s delivers sonorous, rhythmic vocals on the verse, with her fair share of cutting vocal moments, and soaring on the chorus. Simply put, Vienna I sings gorgeously as she spills out the thoughts on her mind and the desires in her heart. The sound is an inviting blend of urban soul and contemporary pop.

‘Don’t Know Me’ has plenty of compelling moments. Vienna I is one of the more powerful young voices out there. The track is her most exceptional yet because it brims with what she is good at: honest, revelatory pop. It is as if, now more than ever, at only 15 years of age, she has already recognized she can do and be whomever she wants as an artist. This is a strong, confident young lady with a voice that can belt feelings.


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