“SCI-FI” is yet another impressive showcase for The Hendrixxx

For all of his energetic raps and charismatic lyricism, The Hendrixxx is still underrated. Out of the group of new rappers that have come out over the years, The Hendrixxx is the most unpredictable, and easily one of the most creative. He’s capable of lyrical slaughter, but also loud and abrasive sonics. He’s got more than enough social commentary, mosh-pit energy, punchlines, and unique flows in his bag of tricks, which he has tweaked all across each subsequent release. The Hendrixxx is one of the few that’s established himself as a unique voice in a rap scene that increasingly values playlist-ready mundanity. His latest 5 track EP “SCI-FI” is easily one of the best underground hip-hop albums of 2020, encapsulating the artist’s mastery of the maniacal and glimpses of his eccentricities.

The Hendrixxx was born and raised in New Haven Connecticut. He grew up homeless, in a tough environment, while his trials and tribulations pushed his passion towards music at a young age. Despite the early hardships, he went on to build his own studio and taught himself the principles of recording. During the last four years The Hendrixxx has released various projects, including – ‘The Exxxperiment 1’ and ‘The ‘Exxxperiment 2 Mad Chemist’, ‘M.A.R.S’. and ‘Preseason’.

On “SCI-FI”, the eponymous opening track, “Overdrive” sets the tone for the rest of the EP, as The Hendrixxx lets us know, with trademark intensity, where he is coming from artistically. He delivers a quick-paced flow and smart wordplay, over a thumping beat. As with his previous work, The Hendrixxx ability to shift between flows and merge different styles is utterly mesmerizing. He is as solid as ever, and proves that he can make anything he wants to do work.

On “Go Get It” he switches the template with an atmospheric beat and a slower vocal delivery. The Hendrixxx threads dense rhymes through his resonant vocals and catchy refrains. Again, the way his flow relentlessly shifts on “No Bargains”, is pretty incredible, with this track in particular demonstrating his stylistic diversity as an emcee. The track shows the rapper’s ability to rhyme and flow like the best, in a grittier way

The Hendrixxx also shows his varied choice in beats, which makes all of his projects easily accessible. Many current artists use similar beats throughout an entire album, but The Hendrixxx chooses different stylized beats to make each song stand out in that aspect. We can hear another variant on “Trick In A Hat”. More to the point, it’s exciting to hear a passionate, creative track from a rapper who really cares about rapping.

As a rap technician, The Hendrixxx pushes his voice in as many different directions as he can, giving us another taste of his endless versatility on “Voila!!!”. Here he shows he can adapt and take on any style; all while keeping his distinct flavor that makes you want to nod your head and ponder. Throughout this EP, The Hendrixxx proves with every change in flow that his delivery and sheer technical ability should never be in question.

“SCI-FI” is a highly enjoyable listen that is yet another impressive showcase for The Hendrixxx’s exceptional mic skills and rare dynamism. The EP is further proof that The Hendrixxx is one of hip-hop’s most interesting and progressive emcees. Keep an eye out for his upcoming project “M.A.R.S 2 Outter Space”.


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