Award Winning Guitarist / Singer / Songwriter Kathryn Grimm’s New Video Release “Best Of Me” Is Dedicated to Victims of Domestic Violence

A Much Needed Respite During Escalating Occurrences Resulting From Covid

Portland, OR [ Grimm Girl Music ]  Award winning recording artist Kathryn Grimm (Jeff Buckley, Bo Diddley, Michael Bolton) has done it again – she’s written yet another hook-laden anthem with a strong message  that may just be life changing for some.  It should not come as a surprise that she continues to crank out excellent music – not many artists can say they have shared the stage with and written with Jeff Buckley.  Kathryn has always followed the beat of her own drum and through this often lonely but brazen journey she’s produced a very worthy library of memorable work.  “BEST OF ME” from her newest CD “BLUES TOOLS” lives up to its hype.  Its infectious Blues/Rock groove is insidious and it’s message is significant.

The creation of “BEST OF ME” is an idea that Kathryn had rattling around in her head for some time.  As a one-time mandated reporter volunteering as an advocate for victims of domestic violence in addition to her own personal experience with an abuser, her understanding of the difficulties of breaking free from such a hold is solid.  “The statistic of a victim attempting to leave an abuser an average of seven times before finally getting away has weighed heavy on me” she says.  “I wanted to write a song with the sole intention of, possibly, lessening that average.  I think I’ve succeeded in doing that with “BEST OF ME”.  The song is filled with subtle but common language that victims can hone in on.  “There are key words used by abusers, ‘red flags’ that victims may recognize.  Awareness is key in finding the courage to take that first step towards getting help and getting out.” 

Kathryn is not the only one who believes this song may strike a nerve and begin a journey to healing.  Several critics who have reviewed “BLUES TOOLS” have zeroed in on this song and whole heartedly agree using words / phrases such as “anthemic”,  “throws down a gauntlet”, “drives a message home” and “It’s all about the person inside relaying her personal life to make this music ring true” to describe it.  “This was exactly my goal” she confirms “to be a voice for victims.  When this is happening one can feel so alone and helpless.  There is power in music, it’s what has saved me countless times when I was in need.  My hope is that this song will help someone in their darkest hour to not feel so alone and to give them strength”. 

Her acute skill for taking life experiences and turning them into profound pieces of musical art is well documented in her songs “TODAY”, a wise R&B hit about appreciating this moment and “GOD IS TESTING ME”, a riveting bluesy composition written minutes after her van was stolen with her gear inside – an unfortunate event she managed to turn into one of positivity with a tune worthy of “We Are The World” acclaim.  With “THE BEST OF ME” Kathryn proves once again that song-crafting is what she was born to do.

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