Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong – “NYCATL” – a posse-styled rap cut!

There are few things more enjoyable to a rap fan than listening to a group of elite emcees jump on the same track and flex their skills. Posse-styled tracks give rappers a chance to prove they can hang with the best in hip-hop, and still make an impression. These kind of tracks are also an opportunity to show solidarity, with a strength in numbers approach which can be inspiring to observe, as it also celebrates unity. In the new wave era of hip-hop, posse tracks have become a rarity, if not totally absent. In the golden era of hip-hop, posse tracks were limited to a minimum of four emcees, with every artist rapping their asses off.

In the new wave era, we can allow for three emcees, as long as they’re rapping their asses of, which is exactly what these guys do. “NYCATL” is a posse-styled rap cut, by a collaboration between three artists flexing their skills – Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong.

With its head-nodding, soulful retro beat, built around a stirring guitar motif, this track is all about giving its featured rappers space to express themselves.

There isn’t a weak link here, with hard hitting bars, abrasive voices, and smooth flows as a showcase for the considerable talents of Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong.

Sometimes a posse cut is about one artist going above and beyond, in a bid to outdo everybody else on the track. This not the case on “NYCATL”, where every emcee involved, is engaged in elevating the track, and not their own personal status.

Everyone brings the heat on “NYCATL”, without ever overplaying their hands. Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong all sound particularly rugged and hyped, yet smooth and restrained enough, to maintain the overall sound easy on the ear, which will keep you pressing that replay button.

“NYCATL” pockets everything that’s great about the Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong. Every emcee featured bounces off one another effortlessly.

Everyone brings their A-game, trading raps that have a kind of cinematic sheen, and Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong should also be given enormous credit for mastering a catchy melodic hook-line to sew the diverse narratives together. Compared to the hazy, psychedelic new wave rap movement, this word-playing banger is like a double-shot of serotonin straight to the brain.

Simply put, this is a one of a kind track in 2021. “NYCATL” sees three potent underground rappers paint their own lyrical pictures within a collaboration project. This is the very definition of making the most out of your moment, without consciously attempting to one-up anyone else – a rare feat in the rap game, and it sees Prince Black x EL’ Jai Skot x Dolo Strong rising to the occasion and then some.


Prince Black
Instagram- @princeblack_bhe

EL’ Jai Skot
Instagram- @ljscott_

Dolo Strong
Instagram- @dolostrong

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