Bleu Cloud – “Perfect Eyes” where body, mind, and soul become one!

Out of the Bronx, NY, Bleu Cloud is R&B singer-songwriter, violinist, arranger, and producer. “Perfect Eyes” is a single from the second part of her two part EP, entitled “BLUE MAGIC”. To get a grasp of her craft, I quickly ran through her back catalog and discovered how Bleu Cloud winds her way through an appropriate group of self-penned songs that are simultaneously sweet, commanding, calming, and intense. She’s young, gorgeous and immensely talented. She offers a musical potpourri that is sure to please most R&B, Soul, even Jazz aficionados. A highly nuanced vocalist and a promising composer, Bleu Cloud may very well be one of the key figures in defining the direction of her craft in the 21st century.

Is there nothing that this young woman can’t do? Apparently not, if you listen to the sprawling emotional thoughtfulness of the mellifluous “Perfect Eyes”. Rampant with sweetly melancholic harmonies and resonant pianos notes, Bleu Cloud sublimely paints a melodic canvas of nostalgia that intoxicates the senses.  Her voice, both poignantly airy and earthily grounded, she weaves her spell effortlessly.

Bleu Cloud’s style is unique and she obviously has tremendous talent. Her vocals are breathless ascents up the grand scale, all the while her inventive and imaginative nuancing keeps the whole ensemble in motion. She delights in every respect. Mainly because her style is so far removed from that of many of her contemporaries who are vying for the pop princess or soul diva crowns, wearing plenty of dissonant bombast and very little clothes.

This young woman can educate a whole generation in the mechanics of style, restraint and poise.  “Perfect Eyes” is an atmospheric and multifaceted piece of work, one that functions through Bleu Cloud’s poetic lyricism, and as much as her thematic arranging and production.

The song bursts to life with a cinematic sweep of the piano, and fluttering harmonies as singer expounds on the virtues of her voice. Here sentimental emotions intertwine with the crystalline arrangement. The nostalgic patience of the rhythm and the melody compels you to listen.

Grandiose, intimate, romantic, challenging and straightforwardly enjoyable at the same time, “Perfect Eyes” is a mesmeric listen, seemingly designed for late night spins, when the frenetic outside world desists from disturbing your attention, which is what Bleu Cloud demands, and desires. Much like an actual living organism, the musical and vocal systems within “Perfect Eyes” pulse with life, illuminating the infinitely beautiful inner world of the performer’s soul.

“Perfect Eyes” is thick with beauty and dense with emotion, sure to inspire soul-stirring thoughts through countless listens, especially if you are deeply in love, have someone special in your life, or have just suffered the loss of both of those precious elements. The most elusive impressive of this track, is the raw humanity she manages to capture; body, mind, and soul become one in Bleu Cloud’s music.


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