Alain B – “Who I Love” ft. Olha Lishchyshyn – imparts a floating, euphoric feeling of love!

Canadian record producer Alain B, boasts a strong track record when it comes to making melodies that can be played at mainstages near and far, and soundtrack your most favorite festival and club moments. He has a talent for sticking to his roots while simultaneously managing to capture elements that could easily cater to mainstream appeal. What he’s delivered with his latest track, “Who I Love” featuring Olha Lishchyshyn, proves that he has not lost his touch.

The feel-good air is driven by a robust sequence of synth notes and made complete by vocals that you can’t help but to sing along to. Well-versed electronic dance music fans can appreciate the sweeping melody, and the driving energy as well as the understated anthemic feel. All you need to do is turn up your speakers, and grab your go-to shuffling shoes. Alain B, takes care of the rest, with this propelling beat.

It is an uplifting brand of progressive house music that imparts a floating, euphoric feeling. The sweeping pads and melodies of the music and vocals seem blissful and captivating. Alain B’s music production skill becomes clear in the quick drops and builds. A good producer will stay within the formulaic confines – but a great producer takes those boundaries, and molds and chips at them a little bit here and there. Which is exactly what Alain B does.

Paying careful mind to the tastes of the listener, Alain B progresses his art form. And it leaves the audience with more than just a catchy melody. The rhythmic progression of the melody is interesting, as simplicity and complexity alternate synchronously. “Who I Love” ft. Olha Lishchyshyn sounds huge without being overwhelming. The catchy melody is excellent, and the synth plucks mirroring the melody are excellent as well.

Within the confines of a standard dance track, Alain B manages to create emotion – a feeling of perseverance and continuation – that I find compelling. The vocals also play a big part, as they are both resonant and beautifully smooth.

The lyrics themselves, are wrapped up in a romantic sentimentalism which will work well for the summer season when pheromones are running high.  “It’s you who I love, and you I adore. Isn’t it clear for you. It’s you who I want,” sings Olha Lishchyshyn.

The chord progression, driven by the piano, is harmonious, as an overwhelming sense of togetherness dominates the track. The musical motifs are refreshing. The seduction of the melody, building stronger, grows irresistible, as the vocals acclaim in exhilaration: “If you’re in love put your hands up and sing along.” The timbre of the chords and emotion of the melody matches that of an exciting musical fingerprint brought alive in jubilation by Alain B.


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