Donv12 – “Leave Tha Door Open” – where style meets substance!

Inspired by legends like Michael Jackson, Usher, and Teddy Riley, and an obsession with retro synth sounds, award-winning Hip-Hop and R&B artisan, Donald Hampton aka Donv12 has been performing since the age of 9. The hardworking singer-songwriter blends his warm, soulful vocals with slick hip-hop-inspired electronic beats. Donv12 has made appearances and garnered coverage in TV Cable Shows, Radio Stations, Clubs, Newspapers, Magazines and specialized music blogs. Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, he has already toured the Midwest, and is now getting ready for national and international exposure.

How does one blast a path through the competitive R&B scene? Is it through crafting classic sounding tracks? Is it by pushing the boundaries of beats and having an eclectic aesthetic? Is it by creating a core fan-base who support your every release, or is it by wowing crowds with continuous show-stopping performances?

In the case of Donv12, it may just be all of those things. The track Donv12 currently brings to the table, is entitled “Leave Tha Door Open”. This is where style and substance mean way more than hit records.

On “Leave Tha Door Open”, Donv12 brings us some classic sounding R&B, which he imbues with his usual animated performance. Donv12 is at his best when his interesting, imploring tone is set in sultry backdrops, and this is exactly what happens in the single.

Donv12 voice oozes longing and passion with lyrics openly laying his narrative on the line. Regardless of his flamboyant and confident persona, he still finds time to give glimpses of his real persona behind the bravado.

“Leave Tha Door Open” is the breakout track, and it personifies what Donv12 is all about. Donv12 offers moments of maturity, reflecting on his own experiences, showing off his ability to write about personal moments of importance.

It’s in these moments that he portrays a layered and affected individual and where Donv12 shines as an artist. There is plenty for Donv12 to be proud of here, and as he continues to grow as an artist. There’s no doubt he’ll be up there with the peers he shows a profound amount of respect for, in the near future.

Donv12 really sets a mood with “Leave Tha Door Open”, and it’s a nice blend of what classic R&B is supposed to sound like. Standalone songs like this one, really showcase his ability to hold his own as an artist.

Honing into the essence of traditional R&B, the production on this track stands out with the simple, yet beautiful, use of electric guitar chords. In other words, it’s not your modern-day, typical copy-and-paste production. From start to finish on this single, fans can see how serious Donv12 is about representing the genre.

Donv12’s overall performance gives us the singer-songwriter’s capabilities; vocals, music, and appeal. “Leave Tha Door Open” sets the tone for Donv12’s definition of R&B. For those craving for a classic-sounding R&B track, this single undoubtedly exceeds all elements of its genre. This dazzling artist has certainly introduced himself to the world, in flying fashion, with “Leave Tha Door Open”.


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