DJ Bassassin – “Padre Gang” ft. Mitchy Slick focuses on melody and atmosphere

DJ Bassassin has released a new project: “Padre Gang” (Featuring San Diego rap icon Mitchy Slick).

DJ Bassassin

It takes a lot of creativity to bring innovation to the Hip-Hop genre in this day and age, especially considered how over saturated the music landscape is. However, somebody special comes along every once in a while; and this definitely happens when great minds team up. This is definitely what Bassassin and Mitchy Slick set out to accomplish with their new work, “Padre Gang.”

Bassassin created the killer beat, while Mitchy came up with the unique lyrics and the flow of the track. This track stands out for its powerful dynamics. In addition, the song adds more focus on melody and atmosphere, taking the vision to a deeper level. With the aforementioned artists, Bassassin and Mitchy Slick share a love for unique vibes and original ideas, which definitely highlight his charismatic personality and unique way to approach sound design.

“Padre Gang” truly hits the mark, and it is a great taste of the work of two artists who are constantly setting the bar higher with music that’s challenging, yet also extremely accessible and easy to relate to for a broad audience. Find out more about Bassassin and Mitchy Slick and listen to “Padre Gang”. This release is currently available on the best digital music streaming services.


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