Rizon – “PRIME TIME” mixes melody and mayhem into an intoxicating listen!

Mixing crushing power metal, with hard rock grit and powerful pop catchiness, is definitely not an easy task for for everyone. When you get things right though, the results can be spectacular.  The album “PRIME TIME”, by Swiss band Rizon effortlessly harness that formula perfectly, delivering a 12-track platter of bombastic grandiosity that boasts ostentatious arrangements, soaring vocals and killer hooks galore. Six years after the release of their previous release, “Power Plant”, Matt Götz (vocals), Anastasia Panagiotou (vocals), Reto Hähnel (guitar), Chris Götz (guitar), Marco Küderli (keys), Maik Kindermann (bass) and Tom Lindegger (drums) return under the distinctive hands of producer Jacob Hansen, to mix melody and mayhem into an intoxicating listen.

It is easy to say that “PRIME TIME” is the most impacting, and meticulously detailed album created by Rizon. The entire experience is surreal, and you would not even notice that you already spent 6o minutes listening in awe.

Much can be said about this band, but one cannot deny that they are ambitious. The kind of massive sound they produce, can only be achieved by a band that know what they want and have no problem with aiming high. Very high.

Rizon’s dramatic and epic blend of music on the album kicks off with “Truth or Consequences”, which instantly sets the project’s euphotic tones. Animated male and female vocals meld above the chugging rhythms and runaway drums, while electrifying guitar motifs fill in the empty spaces.

Bone-crushing riffs push the momentum on “Rebel Heart”, while the vocals reach for the sky. “Torn” starts cleanly and quietly, before exploding into a powerhouse frenzy of crunch. On top, Matt and Anastasia bring both melody and grit, to complete a stellar composition and performance.

“Fuckin’ Rock It” takes everything that you can expect from a group of this nature and pushes it even further. Big and bombastic as hell, while flowing like a river of molten lead. The acoustic-driven “Time Till Kingdom Come” takes a moment to highlight the thoughtful poignancy of the mellifluous vocal deliveries and musical delicacy Rizon are capable of producing.

On “Save My Soul”, the band get back to the grindstone, blending twisting synths, racing guitars and highflying vocals. With “Love Your Life”, the synths again dominate the musical palette, alongside the pulverizing guitars and booming drums. The intertwining vocal hooks come hard and fast.

One song that truly will get you going from the opening riffs is “High Noon”, which has a warm organic rock sound, thanks also to the organ interludes and resonant bass guitar lines. All topped off with some marvelous shredding. “In The End” is Rizon in a nutshell: multiple vocal combinations, crushing heaviness, and melodies that stay in your head after just one listen. A killer guitar solo rounds it all off.

“Back To The Game” is fast-paced, uplifting and with the kind of all-round dramatism that is intrinsic to Rizon at this stage of its existence. The music on “Through The Fire” will drive you into an emotional frenzy thanks to the high energy vocals and the relentless glory of the guitars.

Rizon finish off the album strongly with “Heaven’s Gate”. Synonymous with epic power metal, the song brings with it a sense of excitement that eventually reaches feverish levels. An entire album of bangers, with just a couple of moments of respite so you can catch your breath, “PRIME TIME” is every bit as good as you could hope it to be.


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