JYOUNGSHi – “No Mystery” – a refreshing mix of funky electronic dancefloor groove, and pop-savvy hip-hop!

Springfield, Massachusetts local Julia Zielenski, better known as JYOUNGSHi, is an independent hip hop/pop artist who focuses on experimenting with music. She combines pop and hip-hop, along with some 80s retro and funk. JYOUNGSHi is also the current leader of an upcoming pop group called XANADU, which plans to debut in June of 2022. In the meantime, she has already dropped two singles, namely “Champions”, and her latest “No Mystery”. The latter is a bulldozer of a track that clears the way for JYOUNGSHi to do what she does best, which is write and perform.

On “No Mystery”, JYOUNGSH blends a refreshing mix of funky electronic dancefloor groove, and pop-savvy hip-hop. On the track, she shares songwriting responsibilities with Domingo Morales, while the production is carefully handled by Hieloways. Mixing and mastering was done by the engineer Shorttonpro. Here JYOUNGSHi’s effects-filled cadence and distinct singing pitch are both paired with yearning bars and a level of confidence that overflows on the track. It delivers a refreshing brand of transparency.

“Been a while since I’ve been looking for. Yeah, I’ve been looking for. When I’m in my dreams I feel you close. Oh I feel you close. When you are around I lose control. My heart is all yours. Even if it’s hard you’ll be my love. I just know for sure. I’m tired of this. The space between us. Oh is killing me inside lord so deep. Want to hold you closer. Closer to me. Oh you’ll be all mine. It makes me feel alive. It’s clear I can see. You’re all that I need. There is no mystery,” sings JYOUNGSHi, clearly unfolding her desire, passion and conviction.

JYOUNGSHi is not bound to the restraints of societal femininity, likewise her musical style and sound, follows the same liberated, free-spirited approach. Her airy melodic tone flows effortlessly across the beat, tying it together with polished and pristine lines and a creative arrangement that is never oversold.

All throughout the song, JYOUNGSHi builds up a self-assured artistic persona fitting of her talents, without ever sounding overwhelming, or forced in her delivery. “No Mystery” is both a club and radio-ready mission statement full of shimmering electronic instrumentation, and positive, passionate lyrics.

JYOUNGSHi’s crafty technical prowess and unassailable performance aplomb, drips with slippery and sultry melodic flows. It shows that she knows her way around a busy soundscape, and how to remain compelling within that banging backdrop of jittering synths and resonant basslines. A fresh budding talent, JYOUNGSHi effortlessly melts over the track. Only on her second single release, she already seems to be in control of her art.

JYOUNGSHi’s ear-warming flow, lyrical gift, and blatant open-heartedness in her words, shows an artist in command of her skills, emotions, and needs, on “No Mystery”. The Springfield based artist makes music for real people experiencing real things, just like herself.

Pressing play on “No Mystery” opens the portal to JYOUNGSHi’s kaleidoscopic, multi-style, experimental, and forward-thinking musical world. She sings and raps, switching between the two with an equally soothing voice on both sides of the coin, which you can also hear on her debut single “Champions”. A talent unbound by genre, “No Mystery” is a testament to the versatility of JYOUNGSHi – an artist who can do and be anything her craft needs her to be.


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