Kyle Walz: “It’s A Shame” maintains a great raw, rough and tumble kind of energy

Singer-songwriter and musician by night, and teacher by day, Kyle Walz has been playing his brand of funky blues and other musical styles around the St. Louis, MO area for a couple years now. Walz’s new album, “Diffused”, keeps listeners smiling with just enough variety to entertain.

The album is great in an almost intangible sense: It just is great. Inspired by, derived from, because of, in spite of – no matter what. No matter how Kyle Walz got to the point of releasing this 16 track album, he did, and the results are magic.

the album cover
the album cover

I say this because Kyle Walz’s mostly acoustic Alt-Americana-Bluesman chops, borders on the raw and essential. The dude is a keeper. There is simply little else that sounds like this music right now – it swings, it rocks, it grooves, it flows, it chops, it dices – it just works.

Gritty and honest, the music on the “Diffused” album, exemplifies the primary things in life. With only his voice, a guitar, some drums, a bass, and little else, Kyle Walz is perfection in imperfection.

A breath of fresh air compared to the pop dribble permeating the American music scene right now, Kyle has dropped the single, “It’s A Shame”, taken from the same album.  It’s a mellow tune that maintains a great raw, rough and tumble kind of energy throughout.

The track is reflective and thematically touches on the lonely and weary side of life after lost love. It also reflects a sense of lost opportunities in finding something deeper in love and life with someone who might have been the perfect partner. There is a great depth to both the lyrics and music here.

Overall, “It’s A Shame” feels like a professionally recorded jam session. You can feel and hear the passion that Kyle Walz has for his music, and how his creative fire continues to burn unwaveringly.

No matter what approach he takes, totally minimal or with added instruments, the music skillfully and refreshingly reasserts Walz’s diverse, adventurous ways, while proving that he is capable of creating some of the most deeply searching, organic music around.


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