Dobie: “Without You” – a truly uplifting and epic production

I doubt I still have to give you an introduction to Vjeran aka Dobie. The award-winning producer, born in Zagreb, Croatia, has been producing trance for a long time. His stuff has always been good, but you can tell that he continues to get better at his craft as he consistently produces high quality releases, one after the other. Dance music as we know it today consists of many varied and textured genres. Some are loved, some are disliked while others are somewhat overlooked. Trance is one genre that evokes passion amongst many dance music aficionados. Of course, not all trance is brilliant. There are those tracks that have been simply created to make a quick dollar or two. However, a truly brilliant piece of trance music will always emerge from a sea of mediocrity and standout as an instant classic.

One such track is Dobie’s “Without You” – a truly uplifting and epic production. Not one to be coy, Dobie lets the mix swell with titanic strings and synths, built on a high-energy thumping bass drum beat. This is a sound that will send crowds into raptures.

His wellspring of eclectic variation, sense of melody, and ability to not sound like all of the other Euro-Electronic-House Producers with their repetitious, unoriginal, sampling is continued here. He explodes the envelope, is completely original, utterly inspirational and seems to have an unlimited reservoir of talent to tap into.

The brilliance of “Without You” starts flowing into your veins when your media player hits the opening bars of the song. You are welcomed by a wall of cinematic strings before the synths set in, which is then followed by a driving, intense bassline that propels the track forward.

Like so many of Dobie’s compositions, it’s layer upon layer of lush, vibrant sounds – rhythmic synthesizer sequences; a distant melodic line; flourishes of strings that float in and out like the breeze. Fans hoping to hear the best from Dobie, will gravitate toward this one.

Once “Without You” really gets going in the middle, it will be impossible for you not to get up and dance around your living room. It could easily be deemed a dance-floor destroyer, full or beautiful chords and stomach shattering bass, delivering guaranteed satisfaction in any main room.

Many trance artists only manage a couple of really good songs before they begin to add a bunch of filler sub-par songs to their catalog, just to grab more shelf space. Dobie, on the other hand, is a prolific artist that needs to be heard to be believed. “Without You” is a very mature effort that builds upon an already impressive career, this track is epic and fits perfectly in the producer’s repertoire.


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