A Pastor Releases New Song “Peddlers of Fear”

A Pastor Releases New Song “Peddlers of Fear” – Song written by a pastor and grandfather of three, who he calls “grandpa’s girls” 

As he was recently watching them for an afternoon. When he got home he turned on the news. He was struck by the contrast between their joy, live in the moment, innocence and the fear-mongering in our current culture reflected in the news. In time, of course, the pastor knew his grand-daughters would grow and change. But he’s worried how their development might be effected if such a cultural climate of fear persisted.

Other questions began to trouble him: Would they become more vulnerable to rhetoric that appeals to hateful emotional bias? Would they come to distrust and dislike anyone who strongly disagrees with them? Would they be able to cultivate, value, and practice civil dialogue that seeks common ground? Have we even considered how such a dysfunctional culture will effect our children?

So the musically talented Pastor, did what he so often has done when stressed or trouble he picked up his guitar and wrote a song. The song titled “Peddlers of Fear” is the simple song of a pastor, not a professional musician. By sharing this song with a greater audience he wanted to add his voice to those crying out against a culture of fear and those who profit from it.

The song has a distinctive country sound. It’s filled out with slide guitar pieces and multi-string instruments playing in the background. Like most country and folk songs, the point of the song is to tell his story. His vocals are meaningful and draw a clear image. Although the song addresses serious issues, the overall tone gives a positive upbeat feel. Perhaps these contrasts were deliberate from the artist. The ending of the song leaves on a positive note too.

You can listen to the song directly below:

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