Borges & Elton Paindane: “Ballin’ Out” – prismatic rhymes!

Borges & Elton Paindane is a group of two brothers from Sweden that collaborate to make great music. They mostly make hip-hop music but try to push boundaries by trying other genres. This is the first time they work together on a full project that is backed up by different singles. The first single being “Ballin’ Out” that is available now. In an age when Kendrick had revolutionized the genre, when Kanye redefined the word megalomania and when Chance the Rapper led a vanguard of new talent for whom classic albums looked like a foregone conclusion, there was still plenty of time and space for hip-pop, emo and mumble rap, to come along and sweep up the market place and dominate the charts. No doubt rap and hip-hop is in constant evolution, no matter which side of the ocean you’re on. And what may sound like un underground novelty today, may be tomorrow’s chart buster.

So when new (at least to us) urban music faces come along from places as far away as Sweden to show off their wares, we better sit up and listen. Right from the title, “Ballin’ Out”, it’s clear that Borges & Elton Paindane know how to run the regular American rap tropes. But they also have a knack for packaging serrated witticisms into prismatic rhymes which is their forte.

Here they up the ante for their freestyling with swaggering boasts and a minimal, dark percussive beat, making the track a complete winner from beginning to end. “Ballin’ Out” starts on a soft musical front allowing Borges to introduce his wide ranging confident flow to the uninitiated.

The track feels intentionally straight ahead, restrained music and direct rhymes, before Elton Paindane hits your eardrums, halfway through. The track is classic tense drums and electronic piano glitches which raise the eerie stakes as Elton run through his rhymes.  Finally Borges explodes some more lines into a swelling bounce. Spitting quotes and adding gravity with his catchphrases.

Then it’s back to Elton again. From stanza to stanza, the track manages to alternately sound futuristic and old school. The verbal and tonal shifts between the two men would be head spinning if they weren’t expertly stitched together as the vocals and lyrics act as poetic glue.

Even though it’s just two guys “Ballin’ Out”, everything on the track just feels more important and vital. The group has no problem mixing open-minded rhymes with their thoughts and their ease of transition keeps Borges & Elton Paindane vital in the musical climate that can sometimes feel stagnant and too often not any fun.

The duo are clearly having fun and are perfectly matched as they ride their own creative wave.  “Ballin’ Out” finds the two rappers grinning while they flip off their easy going rhymes, hitting the verses back and forth as smoothly as a ball in a tennis rally.



Twitter: @Bpaindane – @therealeltonjp

Instagram: @borgesgorgeous – @Elton_paindane

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