Atta Otigba: “Breaking Away” – compelling lyrics and music

Nigerian born singer-songwriter and producer Atta Otigba, spent his youth passionately pursuing his influences which ranged from Chopin and Miles Davis, to contemporary musicians like John Mayer and Jon Foreman. Otigba, who got his start writing and producing for other artists across the cities of Lagos and Abuja eventually embarked on a solo career, and began dropping singles in April of 2018. He already counts 5 tracks in his fresh catalog, with the latest addition being “Breaking Away”, released during last December. On first listen it’s clear that Otigba is truly an original – drawing on the best of a wide-ranging list of forbearers but all the while putting a unique stamp on his music.

Soulful singer-songwriter and producer, Atta Otigba has decided to take the type of creative risks often characterized by young and ambitious performers. These are the risks that need to be taken in order for Otigba to truly fulfill the potential that both his voice and his ear for impacting modern music have in abundance.

No matter what genre you think he explores, Atta Otigba remains as vocally demure as soul or R&B singers get. When his resonating voice breaks into a falsetto, it almost seems to be happening by natural mutation, and not by showy design. An increased sensual quotient also sneaks through the bars.

When you hear Otigba sing, you observe a multitude of things. But the focus around which all the man’s many attributes circle is most assuredly his innate sensitivity. There’s depth and empathy embedded into all of his music and it’s because of these that Otigba’s soulful songwriting shines.

His voice may just be his biggest strength but “Breaking Away” is positive proof that the rest of his artistry is right up alongside it. Lyrically Otigba is vividly expressive in his storytelling, while the music comprises colorful nuances which fit the narrative almost word for word.

He thoroughly explores his musical dimensions, updating the textures and tones to fulfil his creative approach and intentions on the song. And he achieves this all, without eroding the smoothness of his sound. The track juxtaposes a classic soulful style and daring new pop sounds. Atta Otigba has a songwriting gift that undoubtedly transcends genres.

“Breaking Away” raises Atta Otigba above the droves of artists currently mining the sounds of their peers. The artist has put together compelling lyrics and music with a voice that turns heads. Essentially Otigba is a storyteller; every song in his catalog is a narrative, and each story seems better than the last.

With an infectious beat and a strong pop and soul vibe present, this song shows signs that Otigba has the potential to be one of the more captivating voices of his generation. In fact “Breaking Away” feels like Otigba’s mission statement to prove how multifaceted he is as an artist. I have no doubt that Atta Otigba may soon become a household name, and this single may just be one of the reasons for it.


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