KIIN9 Perez: “Ganstas and Strippers Vol.1” – sexual empowerment and enjoyment!

Born March 14, in Flint, Mi, KIIN9 Perez has lived many places, but reps the NYC. He got started in the music business at the tender age of 8 years of old, starting out on the drums, and has since gone on to master most percussive instrument, including reading it’s scores. With a major in both Business and Music Engineering, KIIN9 Perez can be described as an entertainer, rapper, entrepreneur, photographer, philanthropist, activist and transgender, among a whole lot of other tags.  We recently bumped into his 10 track album “Ganstas and Strippers Vol.1”.

KIIN9 Perez polished, explosive, and endlessly fun studio recording, is proof that his militant self-love is strong enough to power more than a YouTube video or any potential one-off hit. His transparency can seem over-exaggerated, even performative, but watch one confessional video, and you know the honesty is real.

There’s a reflective flicker of our own insecurities, self-told secrets, and aspirational hopes and dreams within every KIIN9 Perez one-liner, moment of awe, and burst of righteous indignation.

With a persona this intense at work, there’s a risk of the music itself being overshadowed. Many fans may even doubt his commitment to music: This gregarious, open person seems like he would be having just as much fun, directing one of his business exploits, as he would being a rapper.

But for a figure with as many artistic and business interests, his album is remarkable in its self-assurance. The overarching sound is, well, whatever he’s feeling in the moment. The through-line, though, is KIIN9 Perez himself.

His ode to female sexual empowerment and enjoyment on “Makin U Moan (Kiin9-Mix)” kicks the album off in grand style and sets the explicit tone for what’s to come. And it comes fast and thick on “Betta Have Ma Money (Kiin9-Mix) [Explicit]”. His glorification of the more vivid aspects of sex is nothing new to the rap canon—except with KIIN9 Perez, sex and sexiness belong to women.

If KIIN9 Perez is accomplishing anything with “Ganstas and Strippers Vol.1”, outside of building a career, it’s widening society’s narrow confines so that he, and every rapper in his position, can strut through doing their thing. “Hope to see some betta dayz,” he sings on “Betta Dayz”, continuing: “Fuck what them haters say, cause we gonna make it anyway.”

“Amor” sees KIIN9 Perez forge his Spanish tongue, a language he is fully proficient in. On “Ah Daddy (I Like It, Like That)” he climbs atop a club beat and throws down some iconic lines taken from a monster Spice Girls hit, making it an absolute earworm hook.

KIIN9 Perez’s verses are the highlight in every track; he never misses a chance to be the star. His near constant references to sex makes his style feel very left of mainstream, as does his use of gangsta references, which he proudly presents on “Red Bandana [Explicit]”, before switching to the bumping sound on “I B Phresh (West Coast Version) [Explicit]” and the angst-filled “My Struggle (Dope Boii Mentality)”.

He flaunts his Spanish again on the upbeat “Hey Girl (ICU) [Bilingual]”, and then closes the show down with the slow burning “Down (Say Yes) [Explicit]”. The mashing of cultures, badass-ery and vulnerability, unbridled pride and fun-loving hedonism, and KIIN9 Perez’s own personal perspectives, makes for a one-of-a-kind record.


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