Fuhlen Records Presents: Hugo Kidd – “You Can Save Me”

EDM label Fuhlen Records have dropped two fresh House singles by Hugo Kidd“You Can Save Me” and “Moving On”. It seems that Fuhlen Records don’t deal in subtleties. Rather, every move they make is a grand gesture, building towards a larger vision at stake. The two aforementioned musical pieces of the label’s story are important offerings in their endeavor to consolidate their brand. Stacking the stunningly melodic anthems with a few cute downturns in tempo and intensity, the songs feel like an effort to define a musical moment in time for Hugo Kidd, and unlike any release from Kidd’s festival-conquering peers, it really does.

It helps that Kidd has the goddamn synthesizers. It’s not the only tool in the producer’s instrument bank — the chunky bass, stomping percussion, and shimmering pianos gives the songs their backbone — but on the whole, the tracks succeed as they do because Hugo Kidd detonates his keys like a virtuoso rock guitarist.

The synths on “You Can Save Me” punch you in the chest like cannonballs, they shower over you like exploding neon lights, and they scorch your feet from underneath your dancing shoes. They swell, they excite, and they harmonize.

They’re alternately reminiscent of quite a few of Kidd’s peers; essentially, all of the Hall of Famers. The track also features some sensual melodic female vocals to provide just the right variation to the song, and to hear the human voice feels engagingly soothing here – however the synths are obviously the real stars here, and they carry the day more than any guest name would. The track has been scored with some beautiful breakdowns.

Both “You Can Save Me” and “Moving On”, are capable of bringing back that sense of wonder that you felt when you first experienced the joy that is dance music. This is house at its absolute finest, in a time where subgenres are jumping out like mushrooms all over the place in dance music.

Hugo Kidd has managed to create songs that feel very much of-the-moment while simultaneously timeless as well, dance songs that are heavily focused on melody and composition but done in a way that both casual listeners and hardcore analyzers can both appreciate.

From its slow grooving sections all the way to its glittering synth melody at each peak, “You Can Save Me” demonstrates just how vibrant and dynamic an environment the Hugo Kidd sound can create for its listener.

The track’s central melody seems to rise through layers of musical atmosphere, shining in a weightless free fall before returning back down to the point before which its groove-inducing elements first coalesced. It boasts a relatively complex arrangement that takes the listener on a blissful journey. “You Can Save Me” offers both an uplifting and resonant tranquility, and scores full points for Fuhlen Records.



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