Matt Movin: “Basic Instincts” – a combination that keeps listeners intrigued!

Matthew William Long, better known by his stage name Matt Movin, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Previously known as Matt Solo, he has released multiple mixtapes, and opened for artists like Yelawolf, Project Pat, Jellyroll, Cashout, and several other major artists. At a certain point, Matt parted ways with the Universal subsidiary, Whirl Records, to focus on his own independent label, R.T.A. – an acronym for “Round Table Affiliation” (a nod to King Arthur’s carefully chosen and most trusted Knights). He has since rose rapidly in the ranks with his subsequent releases “All Gas No Brakes” and the mixtape, “Basic Instincts”, which Matt Movin is currently promoting.

Matt Movin has been involved in the rap game for a while now, and he has much to share, telling stories throughout his new mixtape. Matt’s strong southern influence is clearly shown throughout the 14-track project. There’s just as much soul as there is swagger, a combination that keeps listeners intrigued.

Matt can be lyrical at times, but his evolved ability to create numerous rap anthems is what keeps this album moving. The production is great and does compliment the message on each song. Individually, the beats all work, and when you put them together as a full mixtape they absolutely fit.

Unlike the norm, Matt Movin places his lead singles at both the front and at the rear of the track list. This unconventional tactic works rather well, as you almost instantly bump into the soulful anthem “All on Me”, on track two, and then build up anticipation until track twelve, to hear the melodic slow burner, “Used To Be Mine”.

However you slice it, his performance on these tracks is phenomenal. The preceding tracks don’t disappoint either; there is never a stale point on the mixtape. “Who You Foolin’” and “Up and Away”, to name a couple, keep the head nodding at a constant pace.

Other tracks that cannot be neglected include “Get It in Get It Gone” and “Cut Em Off”. The beats absolutely knock. They do sound much like crossover rap bangers, but Matt Movin unleashes a whole other level of charisma. Matt excels at delivering what’s hot right now.

On “Anyone Wit Me” he shows his ability to stack up syllables bar after bar, while on “Real Life” his twisted melodies come alive. All throughout this mixtape, his work is always constantly honest as he embodies the spirit of what many, many rappers aspire to be.

A highlight reel worthy track, comes in the form of the sparkling mixtape closer, “Money the Motive”, which is incredibly energetic. It makes you feel the flow and that is everything. Matt Movin once again shows up with a mixtape that most of his peers could not make.

The flashes of performance brilliance suggest that his classic is just a few steps away now. Matt showcases his versatility in flow, and melody. He has the full package of a prominent singing rap artist who can easily go pound-for-pound against any of his contemporaries right now.


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