BandOG – “So Bad” – an ideal artist for this modern era of hyper-eclectic tastes

BandOG is 21 year old artist from Rochester MN, his iteration of trap and emo-rap, joins hip hop production with melodic rifts. This results in catchy hooks and harmonious bridges which make tracks like “So Bad” have great replay value. BandOG also diversifies his sound, switching up his flow and cadence; doing everything in his power to keep things exciting. I also commend his uncanny ability to keep certain stylistic choices unpredictable, as he moves between the chorus and the verses.

In way this is a love song about a bad girl, and BandOG surprisingly shows the ability to create a thoughtful song that is beautifully-produced, and bleeding melancholic emotion. Recently, traditional hip-hop rap has been on the decline and is now being replaced with rap blended with other genres. This is what it can sound like sometimes.

BandOG’s Emo-Trap on “So Bad”, is based on a successful new wave formula in the hip-hop world. And we’ve seen many other successful artists make an impact with this sound. Compared to these artists, I feel BandOG has the same potential many of them had, when starting out.

As long as this generation still craves the consumption for emotional and relatable lyrics on top of gritty and trap inspired beats, I think BandOG will be staying around for a while. Being a sucker for this genre of music is pretty mainstream in this generation, hence BandOG shouldn’t have too much difficulty in making an impact, as long as he makes enough noise consistently.

“So Bad” seems most appealing to the public ear with its excruciatingly catchy hooks: “Oh oh oh, you so bad? Why why why you so hot?” At this point, the track is hitting its sentimental stride. Incorporating the guitar for emotional enhancement is another smart move by BandOG on this recording.

Like many of his contemporaries, the Rochester-based rapper is somewhat of an interesting character in the underground rap game right now, and that is clearly shown on “So Bad”. For starters, the overall theme of the track is typical for the genre right now – catchy and smooth beats combined with wistful lyrics and depleted hearts.

BandOG balances character with accessibility in his music, appealing to listeners by diving into human concepts and themes. He does a phenomenal job of having raw charisma, while his songs are immediate ear-worms to which people can nod along and hum with ease.

Whether you’re looking for the traditional style of rap, or something completely different that falls in the category of modern day rap, BandOG’s back catalog has something for everyone. He seems to be an ideal artist for this modern era of hyper-eclectic tastes.

His blend of rap and trap compulsions, with a legitimate gift for straightforward lyricism and a clever turn of phrase should give him credit with a multitude of fans. And at the end of the day, he is just another one of us doing what he loves, and that’s apparent in his music, and especially on “So Bad”.


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