OTric – “Sorry” ft. Diablo Crafts a lush, hypnotic soundscape

It’s an exciting time for Australian music as a whole, but hip-hop acts are rising at an unprecedented rate. In a genre which has too long been dominated by the old guard, we’re currently seeing a swell of young Australian artists taking matters into their own hands – establishing their own online platforms and brands, infiltrating radio and charts, and rewriting the rules of hip-hop in Down Under. Treading confidently across hip-hop, R&B, Pop, and everything in between OTric aka Jack Mottee, is a 14 year old rapper living in Australia. He is also a Boxer and a Gaming YouTuber. He got into music last year, and has already released songs such as “Johnny Sins”, “Waffles” and “Devon Sandwich”.

With his mix of witty wordplay, somber soul-baring and nods to pop sensibilities, OTric brings us a heartfelt rap ballad with “Sorry” ft. Diablo. This intensely down-tempo single might just be his most engaging.

Despite his fairly understated approach in the song, his lyrics are a vibrant blaze of color, sending focused and passionate messages across the airwaves. His self-awareness and honesty comes to the forefront here, as the resonant piano dominates the backdrop. Whatever OTric raps over; his flow is always relaxed but tight.

Delivering overcast confessionals drenched in candid contemplations, alongside his feature, Diablo, OTric quickly establishes a connection with his audience, as the two artists shuffle lyrical exchanges.

Crafting a lush, hypnotic soundscape that moves in slow motion, OTric touches the soul with the emotional weight of his words. Taking great pride in the nitty-gritty elements of songwriting, OTric is the personification of quality over quantity. Every word he writes, serves a purpose, while his raw, individualistic quality shines through.

OTric is a storyteller at heart. With clear diction, he unravels his story like parchment. He possesses an innate ability to convey meaning. Incredibly, he achieves this level of narrative clarity while interweaving technically comprehensive lyrics.

Emerging in the age of social media, OTric work should easily be able to capture the imagination of an ever-increasing audience, as a confident and charismatic creator who’s comfortable in his skin. His personality, when coupled with his drive, is the singular element that will help define his success.

From what we understand, the hip-hop scene in Australia is rooted in criticism, envy, and competition. Overcoming that hurdle with confidence and creativity is going to be the biggest challenge for upcoming artists like OTric, who has all the elements necessary in his skill-set to become one of Australia’s magnetic underground heroes.

OTric waves the flag for Australian rap holding on to its core values of authenticity, integrity and originality. OTric is someone you’ll want to keep an eye on, if you’re not doing so already.



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