Bomba – “Lost (The Experience)” explores the very textures of human existence

Bomba comes to the fore with his 7 track EP: “Lost (The Experience)”. The record shares a cinematic, epic, and at times melancholic intensity. It is filled with impacting spoken word passages and vocals that flicker like the flames in a sky lit night. Both verdant and brooding, the languid soundscapes are awash with resonant pianos and emotional strings. The gentle undulating rhythms, pensive and purposeful, mirror the movement of Bomba’s mindset. In its originality, the record sets a standard that will be undeniably difficult to match, let alone beat.

“The message in each single or album I’m a part of is so much bigger than me,” explains Bomba. “It tells my story while connecting with other’s stories to form an even more remarkable story – the story of human emotion and connection. I enjoy music that takes the listener somewhere, tells a story and allows them to be a part of the experience.”

This EP explores the very textures of human existence. Each song is a perfectly crafted, emotive pieces of work. Bomba highlights his talent in mood-inducing sound design with expertly crafted and eloquent sonic motifs.

“Requiem (For The Living)” is a beautifully majestic piano-driven arrangement that could be the soundtrack to a heartwarming movie. Over in just under two minutes, it leaves the listener wishing the trip would last that little bit longer.

“Perdita” features Lynnley Lipunga who delivers the poetic spoken word accompaniment with impacting gusto and verbal nuance, while the music grows towards an unexpected crescendo and finale.

The centerpiece and apex of this recording, is without a doubt, the stunning ballad, entitled “Lost at Sea”. Hollie Thubron’s lead vocal makes for an attention-grabbing listening experience, and is the perfect match for Bomba’s thoughtful and explosive musical orchestration. This musical piece alone makes the EP worth getting.

“Peanut Gallery” features a recorded conversation between acquaintances, where we get to hear the typical faltering human idiosyncrasies at work. “Ghosts” is another spoken word gem, narrated with sublime beauty and confidence, before the EP closes with “Manifesto”, offering an interpretation of the meaning of ‘lost’ in relation to the EP itself. “Lost (The Experience)”, is a lush, wistful, and introspective ride, which transcends genres and styles.

Bomba is a unique artist who cannot simply be put into a musical box. He flits between luscious affecting orchestrations and compelling spoken word passages. His creativity is mostly concerned with delivering narratives – musical or vocal – that provoke emotions.

Bomba’s songs act as sonic narratives that explore and unfold each second. Each composition on “Lost (The Experience)”, exemplifies Bomba’s ability to sculpt enormous depth of sound with seemingly few frills.

And while Bomba entrances with his otherworldly compositions, the record’s vocal-centric sound on “Lost at Sea” is no less intriguing. The singing voice does not in any way cheapen the boundless expression Bomba can convey with his music, and instead enhances it. This is a standalone single which has all the ingredients to impact mainstream radio.



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