Uptime Nation – “It’s Time To Go” – the musical manifesto of opposition to political tyranny!

Uptime Nation re-open the gates of a boundary-obliterating industrial rock, metal, and electronic musical alliance, with the band’s literate and politically-charged single, “It’s Time To Go”. This a brilliantly powerful piece of work all , with the swirling dexterous marching beat, bouncing keys, and crushing riffs all becoming definitive moments, while the spoken word growl drives the narrative.

Uptime Nation is a collaboration between musicians and artists from around the globe, making music about things they care about. “To all those in power inflicting any kind of suffering on their people: “It’s Time To Go!” exclaim the band.

While their contemporaries deliver all sorts of prefabricated anger that never really carry any serious weight against the present socio-political and cultural backdrop, Uptime Nation succeed where so many others fail, translating their barely contained aggression into something legitimate and tangible.

Over the course of the track’s three minutes, Uptime Nation reels viciously on capitalist imperialism, instigating the global population to rebel against the evil forces seeking domination of the masses. There’s a bone-crushing, visceral quality to “It’s Time To Go” that locks in with the band’s raw nature, and which fans will absolutely appreciate.

Uptime Nation sounds like a hungry predator, tired of enduring intolerable behavior. From the driving rhythm, to the downright irate vocals, to the airtight beat, the band brings a lot of seemingly disparate elements into its eclectic musical vision. And yet it all comes together into a startling marvel of a record.

“It’s Time To Go” bring the band’s impassioned anger vividly to life. The militant lecture on the unjust treatment received from a myriad of corrupted public service sectors will definitely resonate and spark a flame with vigilant listeners. This is essentially the Uptime Nation ethos at work.

Explosive. In my humble opinion, is the best adjective for this record. “It’s Time To Go” is not just another angst-filled metal record. In reality, this track is so much more. It has a throbbing intensity that teaches a whole lot of alternative rock bands a lesson or two, and the disdain that drips through the lyric sheet should be an example for most conscious or politically aware bands.

Uptime Nation’s fusion of rock, metal, and alternative flavors with an electronic twist, is currently matched by nobody. Like the shockwave of a bomb, right in your face, the band deliver a vicious message to unjust authorities. It’s a call for battle, to stand for your ideals against the common enemy, who by now have openly presented themselves to the masses.

Delivering a sonic assault tailored to our times, Uptime Nation is the musical manifesto of opposition to political tyranny, and could just be the most incendiary collective on the block right now!


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