Crime Spree In CandyLand – “Fatalism” – intoxicating sonic elements!

Drawing inspiration from bands like Glass Animals, Bloc Party and No Knife, Los Angeles based Crime Spree in Candyland aka C.S.I.C., are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, out this fall. Their first single “Fatalism” dropped August 28th on all streaming services. It’s rare to see a band debut with an already defined and unique sound, but that’s what C.S.I.C. did on this single. Infusing smooth indie electric beats, sparkling guitars and shimmering keys, into a template that mixes bittersweet motifs with dark atmospheres and fine rays of shining light.

The luscious vocals slip seamlessly in-between the throbbing basslines, fully immersing the listener by offering vivid lyrical imagery.  While the voice mellifluously narrates each verse, the instruments drive the groove, adding dimension and luring out intoxicating sonic elements. The track flits between genres with little regard for convention, but a whole lot for melodic catchiness.

Running through their catalog, it’s obvious that Crime Spree in Candyland, dabble in atmospheric, cinematic textures, dynamic arrangements and excellent tunes. All of which they bring to “Fatalism”. Frequently jaw-dropping, the beauty in their music is always evident, regardless of the mood. Furthermore, their attraction is boosted by a confidence in their own creativity and a desire to explore diverse sonic avenues.

On “Fatalism” the bass is heavier, the drums punchier, and the melody is a lot clearer. It’s a rich tapestry of ideas and direction, both lyrically and musically. A vibe-filled blitz of keys and guitars, and sassy chord progressions shot through with elegant harmonious swagger. “Fatalism” is spiraling groove that proves Crime Spree in Candyland have plenty in their creative chamber to keep us guessing, track after track.

One moment the track is covered in melancholic sobriety, the next it’s filled with melodic euphoria. You won’t know where C.S.I.C. are going next, you only know it’s going to be intoxicatingly captivating. You’ll be forced to revisit this track every chance you get. Each listen reveals more, scrapes back another layer. You’ll get more and feel more each time you hit play.

“Fatalism” is so rich with melodic and rhythmic transcendence, all you can do is tap your feet and sing along. From its ethereal beginning, “Fatalism” feels like a journey: emotionally dark and raw; somewhere between tentative and assured.

It provides a genuinely warm and all-embracing atmosphere. The swirling vocals and an unwinding instrumental creates an air of nostalgia and other-worldliness, as the melody and harmonies form an ascending and celestial-like stand-out track.

A hazy, dreamy feeling is central to the sound on “Fatalism” but there is a certain crispness and refinement present throughout the track. The bass murkiness is tactfully used while the prominent melody is allowed to carry the music.

Throughout the track, Crime Spree in Candyland manage to excellently blend all their influences in to a unique song that maintains an almost psychedelic feeling. It’s abundantly clear throughout “Fatalism” that C.S.I.C. are poised to bring us a bucket full of gems on their upcoming debut EP.


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