P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD) – “Time To Celebrate” – sheer force of personality!

P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD) sounds like one of the breakout stars this year. With his single, “Time To Celebrate”, he proves that designation apt, while leaving plenty of room to grow as an artist. He is ready to make strides as both a rapper and a songwriter, displaying compelling charm on the mic that will garner him a vast following, while carrying the track’s runtime through sheer force of personality. “Time To Celebrate” is a solid debut, and a sign that he may have what it takes to turn the star potential he flashes here into an extensive run.

Olson Van Rossum known as P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD) was born In Georgetown Guyana South America on February 27, 1982, where he lived until December 1993 before translocating to Brooklyn, NY. Experiencing two different worlds and cultures is what makes him unique in his art. In Guyana he was exposed to its rich culture of art, music and dance. While he describes living in New York, as place broad in opportunities, where a person can reach their highest potential.

P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD)
P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD)

Delivering a mixture of gospel, culture, reggae, hip-hop, pop, soul, and R&B, P.U.G. loves to perform at the drop of a hat, participating in local events and open mics. Now with “Time To Celebrate” he takes the next step into the professional entertainment world. It’s an assertive mission statement that highlights P.U.G.’s rich musical influences, his high level skillset, and his intentions for the future.

P.U.G.’s aspirations are justified from the jump on “Time To Celebrate” as he introduces listeners to his polished flow and triumphant but humble disposition, as he thoroughly outshines the production which in itself is impeccable. His style exists in its own original realm, somewhere between the forceful energy of classic rappers and the slippery melodizing of modern-day, new wave artists.

Right from the opening bars, P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD) shows a level of self-awareness and composure that few other rappers in his position have possessed, let alone utilized. The lyrics will make you feel many positive emotions while the music simultaneously uplifts you. P.U.G. makes the most of his effortless, fleet-footed cadence on “Time To Celebrate”.

Undaunted by the expansive, thumping production, P.U.G. stays nimble, injecting energy and floating around the beat, while riding it perfectly. He clearly aims to appeal to a wide audience, and shows that he’s more polished and more seasoned than can be expected on a debut single. He has natural skills, his voice projects confidence and consistency.

In the closing month of 2020, we can say that this year the rap scene has seen a flood of albums, mixtapes and singles dumped into the market. To find worthwhile gems, fans are tasked with parsing through oversaturated projects and underdeveloped artists. But every now and then somebody like P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD) comes along, who jumps out at you.

One of the more impressive aspects of “Time To Celebrate”, is P.U.G.’s innate ability to create rhymes with a wide variety of words while still making the music, melodic and fluid. Overall, he did an exceptional job with this track, adding enough creative spark to make it catchy, rhythmic and altogether impressive.

P.U.G. (Praises Unto GOD) is presented by @dapromoguys (on IG, FB and Twitter)

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