“Big Drip” showcases Cheflodeezy’s talents and versatility

The rapper Cheflodeezy, who got his moniker from going to culinary school where he pursued a career as a chef, was born in Jamaica before translocating to Opa Locka in Miami at the age of 9. He found his love for music as a teenager at Miami Central High, when his best friend at the time introduced him to the beat making DAW, Fruity Loops. Sticking to the script of struggles and stumbles for most rappers, Deezy soon found himself entangled in street-life troubles. By the age of 21 he had suffered multiple arrests, homelessness and the loss of a few close friends to gun violence. After almost going to prison for undisclosed cases and the birth of his first child llamiyah, Cheflodeezy decided to change his life.

This is when he pursued and graduated from culinary school. He soon started making a name for himself, and appearing as a rising star cooking for various celebrities. However he never let his passion for music die, and used his free time to frequent studios and write music, while continuing to drop fresh music weekly. Cheflodeezy is still chasing the dream, and recently dropped his smooth banger “Big Drip”.

Built on a warm rhythmic sway, with shimmering synths and throbbing percussion, “Big Drip” showcases Cheflodeezy’s talents and versatility. The recording presents enough quality to show that the artist is heading in the right direction. Confidence and groove are both attributes that Cheflodeezy puts forward very well when he wants to and this track demonstrates that.

Those who are looking to hear Cheflodeezy’s technical skills and charisma on the mic will certainly have a field day here. He raps, he sings, and he dominates the track, beginning to end. “Big Drip” serves as a great bridge between Cheflodeezy’s older works and whatever he has planned next.

Miami’s Cheflodeezy, is no ordinary rapper. He combines several different styles and aesthetics into his songs, and here he takes a smoother, soothing and melodic flavor.

“Big Drip” proves that he is a skilled lyricist, technically proficient rapper, great hook writer, and amazing storyteller. Without forgetting that he has a great ear for beats. This is easily one of the most linear and sophisticated tracks Cheflodeezy has ever done.

It is a track you can play anywhere, in any situation. With a simple flick of the volume knob, “Big Drip” could propel you across the dancefloor or play as a stimulating backdrop while you prepare for a night out.

Cheflodeezy is definitely the sort of rapper I like seeing, one with ambition, solid wordplay, and some great production to back it up. There’s a level of quality to this track that elevates it above most rap records dropped this year and shows that Cheflodeezy is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He comes across as intelligent, and very focused behind the microphone.

A quick run through his catalog, and it becomes clear that Cheflodeezy is capable of sheer raw energy in asserting himself as a rapper on explosive tracks. And yet he’s also capable of smoothing down the tones, as he does on “Big Drip”, searching for that vibe connection he can build with the listener.


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