Reggie Rhodes – “Secrets” ft. Yori – An undeniable chemistry!

The debut single “Secrets” featuring Yori, is held together by Atlanta-based producer, engineer, and artist, Reggie Rhodes’ sense of calm. The music is effortless and relaxed – it doesn’t jump out at you, instead it has a way of pulling you into its orbit. A warm mix of classic hip-hop, R&B and soul – the smoothness of it all feels like an antidote to the bombastic sounds his contemporaries are making. For a debut single, Rhodes is remarkably self-assured. It sets him up as someone carving out his own niche. He sounds like a creative with diverse taste, a wide knowledge of music, and the raw talent to work those influences into a unique sound. Which should not be surprising as he already has a track record.

Reggie Rhodes produces within a wide range of styles, specializing in Afrobeats, Hip-hop, Trap, Pop, and R&B. He has become the go-to producer for multiple up and coming artists in Atlanta, notably appearing on credits for Orie King, Beneeto, Naab, and Yori among others. “Secrets” ft. Yori, is only the start of his journey as an artist, as he plans on releasing more music in the coming months.

A debut single is a difficult balancing act for any artist or producer. Should they try to prove their conceptual individuality and aim for the pantheon of their acclaimed creative peers? Or should they aim for commercial success, working with trendy radio-ready sounds? On “Secrets” ft. Yori, Reggie Rhodes splits the difference, and the result is an ear-warming and soul-stirring listening experience.

As a producer, Reggie Rhodes combines elements of old-school R&B and new wave hip-hop, with the growling bass and thumping drums matching up to the atmospheric chatter and spill of the keys. It’s an incredibly listenable sound, giving the soulful stylings a pop sensibility, and it’s unsurprising that Reggie Rhodes has become an in-demand producer in his area.

Songstress Yori, uses her powerful and nuanced voice to make these sounds of the moment her own. Bell-clear and confident, with a touch of sensual breathiness, she melts into the swirls of surrounding synths and the slow-burn of the steady beat. The production of Reggie Rhodes meshes well with Yori’s lyric writing and singing prowess. Their undeniable chemistry is evident on this track.

The project explores the universal themes of love, cheating and heartbreak with striking candidness, as Yori lays down her narrative about being played: “You go around like you ain’t lead me on. Actin sweet like you ain’t went and did me wrong. I guess that I got caught up and lost my mind. Don’t gimme that look cause you know I’m hooked up on your love. The feel of your lips a single kiss my favorite drug. No it’s not the ideal situation. You take advantage of my desperation”

Reggie Rhodes seamlessly creates a tapestry of sounds throughout “Secrets” that lends itself to an introspective, reflective musical ambiance which Yori consistently delivers upon with her passionate vocals. Together they convincingly delve into the complexity of relationships gone awry and navigate through its murky waters. “Secrets” ft. Yori is a brilliant, well-realized combination of talents, with more than its fair share of memorable lines and addictive musical motifs. Both Reggie Rhodes and Yori, are certainly talents to watch.

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