3Mind Blight – “Paranoid” will have you captivated for future releases

In the internet age, music has undergone a radical transformation. Thanks to advancements in technology and the proliferation of streaming services, the way music is created and consumed has been forever altered. Independent artists, armed with high-quality recording equipment, can now produce sounds that rival those of major label artists. One such independent artist is award-winning 3Mind Blight, a multi-genre musician hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. His work is a testament to the revolutionary possibilities of the modern music landscape. But as 3Mind Blight himself knows, technology alone doesn’t make music – it simply expands the palette of tools available to creators. What sets his work apart is the heart and soul he infuses into each composition, drawing on classic and organic influences.

His latest release, “Paranoid”, is a powerhouse anthem that blends elements of active rock and alt-metal. It’s a thrilling example of 3Mind Blight’s ability to push the boundaries of what’s possible in modern music while staying true to the emotional core of his craft. The two things that make “Paranoid” something beyond a technical showcase are energy and beauty. Without a doubt, this music is invigorating. Despite the dark and sinister bombastic aggression, there is a true sense of melody and mood lingering throughout the arrangement.

3Mind Blight has already made quite an impression on the worlds of both metal and rap, amongst other stylings. Here he finds a way to blend his all-embracing skills into a three-and-a-half-minute hard-hitting extravaganza. 3Mind Blight’s virtuosic performance between singing, growling and rapping, add a lot of variety and spice to this impressive recording. “Paranoid” hints at the future of alternative metal; something relatively fresh and new to showcase the talents of one incredibly gifted musician.

3Mind Blight is simply an unworldly talent, with mastery of virtually every vocal technique under his belt. On “Paranoid”, he has expanded his palette further by using a myriad of vocal styles all in one song. Stylistically 3Mind Blight delivers the goods exactly as expected. Chunky mind-blowing guitar riffs accompanied by precision percussive prowess and hyper-stimulating vocal passages. All decorated with an insatiable driving rhythm and a moody atmospheric turbulence.

Perhaps one of 3Mind Blight’s greatest attributes is a keen sense of dynamics and how to nurture any given musical element until it climaxes into an explosive crescendo. It’s always awesome hearing what sort of melodies 3Mind Blight can pull out and place within wild, complex and unbelievably heavy songs such as this one. As can be heard, his melodic perception is just insane, no matter how brutal the background can become. That said, the melodies are ominous and the tension continues throughout.

The way that 3Mind Blight faultless vocal performances interweave into something so menacing and groovy whilst remaining accessible to newcomers is applaudable. In a time where the electric guitar is becoming an under-utilized tool in contemporary music, 3Mind Blight is steadily becoming one of the most impressive proponents of mighty six-string based music. “Paranoid” sums up everything that’s great about 3Mind Blight – rhythmically mesmerizing, incredibly progressive thinking and vocally superlative. 3Mind Blight is something of musical chameleon, able to delve deep into the richly complex worlds of metal and its subgenres.

Though overwhelmingly impressive, “Paranoid” is never overly pretentious and there are so many unique and memorable elements in this song that it is truly one of the most unique and engaging metal inclined singles to come out in recent times. 3Mind Blight’s incredible musical capabilities will have you captivated for future releases. This is five stars well earned, for a track that is highly recommended to any metal fan.


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