SMiley – “Is it Under My Chair”: A Sonic Odyssey into Uncharted Realms

In an industry where innovation is a driving factor, SMiley stands as a luminary, sculpting unique sonic tapestries that transcend conventional boundaries. As a drummer-turned-producer, his latest album, “Is it Under My Chair,” emerges as a testament to his prowess in sound manipulation and innovative musicality. At the heart of this sonic expedition lies SMiley’s mastery of sound design, where he deftly navigates through a labyrinth of synthesizers, drum machines, and a plethora of custom sounds. The album serves as a showcase of his virtuosity in crafting intricate sonic textures and atmospheres. Employing techniques that are both complex and diverse.

Across the 21 tracks of this opus, SMiley demonstrates his prowess as a composer and arranger, seamlessly weaving melody, harmony, rhythm, and structure into an enigmatic tapestry. Eschewing traditional norms, he ventures into uncharted territories, employing unconventional scales, chords, time signatures, and polyrhythms, resulting in mesmerizing musical patterns that defy expectations.

The album’s dynamism is palpable, as SMiley adeptly fluctuates between varying dynamics, tempos, moods, and tones, inducing a sense of contrast and tension that captivates the listener. From the infectious grooves of “Kickflip Funk” to the resounding resonance of the closing track, “Walking Over Yourself,” each composition evokes vivid imagery, transcending the auditory experience into a visual narrative.

The tracks traverse a spectrum of emotions and sonic landscapes, seamlessly transitioning from the skittering percussion of “Can I Park Here” to the haunting depths of “Descent Into The Catacombs.” Moments of high-energy kinetic synths interlace with pulsating beats in “Is It Under My Chair” and “Ever Folding Space,” showcasing SMiley’s versatility and proficiency in sculpting diverse sonic panoramas.

What sets SMiley apart is his ability to encapsulate entire universes within each track, deftly maneuvering through intricate twists and turns while allowing ample time for immersion in each distinct atmosphere. Tracks like “Pinging Mt Head Against The Bar” and “Ramifications” showcase this finesse, seamlessly transitioning between multifaceted sonic landscapes without overwhelming the listener. In the intricate web of this album, each song is a chapter, skillfully crafted to propel the listener through a labyrinth of auditory experiences.

In a testament to his artistry, SMiley gracefully balances moments of deceleration with introspective tones in “Slipping In A Cavern” and “That One Night Solving Mysteries,” while injecting a nostalgic swing into the recording with the allure of “The Jazz Bar Shuffle.” It’s this equilibrium between exuberance and restraint that elevates “Is it Under My Chair” into a dynamic and compelling musical piece.

Amidst the album’s kaleidoscopic shifts and shape-shifting sounds, SMiley’s deft command behind the boards remains a guiding force, ensuring a cohesive journey through a meticulously crafted sonic universe. Each composition is a testament to his prowess, inviting listeners on an immersive sonic odyssey that transcends the realms of traditional music.

“Is it Under My Chair” is not merely an album; it’s a meticulously curated sonic adventure that stands as a testament to SMiley’s ingenuity, pushing the boundaries of electronic music into uncharted territories. With this release, SMiley firmly establishes himself as a trailblazer in the realm of avant-garde ambient-based music, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.


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