3Mind Blight – “The Vanishing Kingdom” coalesces into the perfect storm!

 3Mind Blight hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. After 15 years’ experience as a music producer and multiple songwriting awards, 3Mind Blight embarked on a solo career in 2018. He is an international award winning artist, musician and songwriter in Metal, Orchestral Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock with numerous #1 hit songs on radio and with millions of streams worldwide. Listed as the Crossover Artist of the Year and Artist of the Year 2019 and 2020 respectively. The single release, “The Vanishing Kingdom”, allows the heaviness to come in a more laid-back form, a vibe rather than an attack. The moments of proper riffing, are intense because of timing rather than volume, and the lead guitar solos and shredding are both fiery and melodic.

On top of this wave of sonic power, 3Mind Blight delivers prime examples of both his melodic and growling voices. In fact it’s when “The Vanishing Kingdom” really rises up and show its full wingspan that 3Mind Blight is most impressive. As usual, a walk through the artist’s musical brain is always a rewarding one. An artist that can create a triumph after dozens of releases is a rare thing, but then 3Mind Blight has always been something of a rare creature.

The song succeeds in delivering hypnotic melodies, killer musicianship, and often a welcome balance of light and shade that has made 3Mind Blight so beloved when he gets into his rock and metal templates. Few indie rockers are as successful at working the dynamics between heavy guitar attack and pastoral sections in the same song. 3Mind Blight has proven masterful in this regard and there is more magic in “The Vanishing Kingdom” than we have heard in the genre of late.

3Mind Blight consistently delivers one knockout song after another and never lets the momentum take a pause. “The Vanishing Kingdom” fits perfectly in this ongoing aesthetic. It’s a remarkable track, with an embracing chord progression, and seriously ominous riffage, which launches into a blistering guitar solo before retreating to a mellower passage, and back again. 3Mind Blight melds two sonic worlds – the abrasive and the melodic – a winning combination that holds a certain grandeur.

“A life full of shame and pain. Feeling there is nothing to gain. Lost in this world so alone and afraid. So lend me your hand again. Leading me straight into sin. Stealing my soul taking control. But you’ll never win,” sings 3Mind Blight, as he unfolds a tale of the battle between good and evil. “The sick and the weak are all healed. The secrets we keep are revealed. As a Hole in the sky opens up wide. The dark turns to light breathing new life. Into those that have died. The king has arrived,” he exclaims.

As we have come to expect, 3Mind Blight performs brilliantly, adding nuance and emotion into the narrative, while the guitar attack is met with equal intensity from the rhythm section. 3Mind Blight’s voice always seems to improve with each release, as his varied vocal delivery coalesces into the perfect storm. Throughout “The Vanishing Kingdom”, one can hear and feel the passion; not only does the songwriting offer a fascinating and powerful composition, but 3Mind Blight sounds amazing!


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