OFFICIAL VIDEO: Kevin Toqe – “Shadows” was inspired by Psalm 91

Filmed and performed at 25th Street Recording (Oakland, CA), this video mixes the original electronic elements from the original “Shadows” radio version with live, acoustic instruments for a more organic feel.

“Shadows” by Kevin Toqe,  was inspired by Psalm 91, the state of being found in a safe place where God does the protecting instead of my own self-protection, and I learn a place of contentment in Him. Then, if right now seems like a “mountain” or a “valley” time of life, the real constant becomes simply the protective, consistent, and overshadowing love of God. Finding this kind of Psalm 91 rest ironically…takes work…all the more reason to sing about it and get my brain away from trying to figure it out.


Lead vocal, piano – Kevin Toqe

BGV & Lead – Jared Kline

Bass – Shane Louis

Drums – Robert Caniglia

Alto Sax – Connor Anderson

Additional Programming – Nick Harral

Co-produced by Nick Harral and Kevin Toqe

Engineered by Gabriel Shepard

Director/DP – Ben Sanders

Gaffer – Shane Louis


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